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The Trick Report: Sex Work By the Numbers

Knowing your customer is key to any good business, and it’s no different in the escort industry.  When I first started, I had some assumptions that weren’t exactly accurate.  I thought the large majority of my clients were married, for instance. Turns out, less than half of them are.  I thought they’d mainly be in their 40s and 50s. This actually turned out to be true for me, although according to the polling archives at The Erotic Review, the majority (39% in 2008, and 29% in 2009) are in their 30s.

I could tell you without reading a poll that most of the clients who visit escorts have post-grad degrees, make over $100k a year, and don’t watch Nascar. Seventy-eight percent consider themselves sex addicts, which makes sense since 71% would go ahead with the session if the escort turned out to be their best friend’s wives.

Perhaps one of my favorite statistics of all is that 60% prefer a provider who gives a 10 type of performance and has a 5 for looks, while 30% prefer looks over performance. It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion, apparently.

The statistic I found the most endearing was that 38% admit to having fallen in love with a provider, and lest anyone thinks the Pretty Woman myth is bullshit, 79% say they would date a hooker. I'm sure it's the assumption of constant hooker sex that's behind this one.  Let me save you some time, guys. It ain't gonna happen like that.

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Modern Hooker
June 13th, 2009
Modern Hooker is an activist involved in the sex worker rights movement. Visit her website at, and follow her on Twitter.