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Online Sexuality News Magazine CarnalNation Announces New Publisher

The sexuality news magazine CarnalNation announces today that the Seattle-based Foundation for Sex Positive Culture will take over ownership of the online publication. CarnalNation ceased publishing new content on October 13, 2010, with a statement thanking its loyal readership for their support. In the ensuing weeks, CarnalNation management entertained many offers for the influential magazine, but former editor-in-chief Theresa and senior editor Chris both felt strongly that readers would be best served if a non-profit organization took over as publisher. Ikard said, “The intention of CarnalNation has always been to cover sexuality in a smart and accessible way without resorting to either titillation or repression. This is a fine line to walk and one that many other educators, writers, and activists in the sexuality realm currently try very hard to balance.” She added, “Without the contributions from individuals dedicated to the dissemination of sex-positive information, CarnalNation would never have existed, which is why we want to gift the magazine back to the community. We hope its new home at the FSPC will further inspire collaboration and growth.”

Foundation for Sex Positive Culture Executive Director Allena Gabosch, when asked about the future of the website, stated, "I’m excited for this amazing opportunity to serve a community larger than the Northwestern United States." The Foundation will be moving the website to new servers and is forming a new management team at this time. Publication of new content will resume shortly.

Jim Duvall will be managing the transition to the Foundation. He has extensive experience with the sex-positive community as one of the founders of the Foundation’s sister organization, the Center for Sex Positive Culture ( and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival ( In addition, he was a cofounder of and operated the website for many years. "I am hoping we can have a good conversation with all the participants about new directions and how we structure the new management team." As to the future, he adds, "Right now, I am trying to keep a very open mind. CarnalNation is turning into the focal point for many conversations about sexuality in our culture, and I hope we can continue on that path."

The Center for Sex Positive Culture was founded in 1999 as a non-profit, membership-based community center for sex-positive events and educational programs. To better advance sex-positive culture, the Center evolved into two organizations in 2007, forming the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture a 501(c)3 arts and education non-profit. Over the past 11 years, the Center has organized and sponsored hundreds of events celebrating the breadth and diversity of human sexuality. Among the major events sponsored or supported by the Center and Foundation are the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Paradise Unbound, which represent just two of the many social, spiritual, and educational activities produced every year. The goal of the organizations is to provide the more than 2,000 members as well as their communities with inspiration and assistance in producing experiential events in a physically and emotionally safe environment as well as offering educational and arts opportunities. The Foundation also operates the Pacific Northwest Library for Sex Positive Culture, one of the largest repositories for rare and unusual sexuality-related materials in the United States. CarnalNation will make an excellent addition to the services and resources already offered by the Foundation.

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