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Six Feet Under Club Takes Sex To New Depths


At monochrom's Arse Elektronika conference, couples can volunteer to be buried together in a casket beneath the ground. The space they occupy will be extremely private and intimate. The coffin is a reminder of the social norm of exclusive pair bonding "till death do us part". However, this intimate scene will be corrupted by the presence of a night vision webcam which projects the scene on to an outside wall.

We all know Goths who've had sex in coffins- or say they've had sex in coffins- but you never really expected to see evidence of people having sex in coffins ( this is just a bunch of drunk hipsters talking about fisting)- especially underground, until Monochrom started the Six Feet Under Club.  At this year's Arse Elektronika in San Francisco, couples can sign up for time slots to have sex in a coffin beneath the ground. The intimacy of the space will be illusory, however, as a night-vision cam will project the lovers' time together for an audience watching it on an outside wall. Inverting conventional notions of public and private acts, the performance/installation/spectacle continues the tradition of sex as performance art and examination of the boundaries of intimacy that has always been part of San Francisco culture.

Follow @johannes_mono to keep up on Arse Elektronica news and updates on 6fuc, including the building of the coffin at Noisebridge HackerSpace in San Francisco on the 24th or 25th- volunteer helpers welcome!

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