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I Like My Cocktails Like My Men, Neat With an Anal Twist

Some like theirs shaken and others stirred, but really, who can say no to a drink with a steel butt plug as the twist? This luxury cocktail (69 euros) uses a stainless steel njoy toy to replace ice cubes, and was served only at a Love Contemporary event inside the hip Jenny Woo Bar in Helsinki, Finland. Although this eclectic company's website primarily focuses on Finish culture, it is easy to see it expanding its global reach. It will not be long before it begins popping up on the radars of many swanky love enthusiasts across the world. 

Love contemporary is a new art magazine about pure, modern love. It’s a movement back to real things, simple pleasures, and yes, love. Its style is a marriage between 60’s Scandinavian minimalistic vintage and contemporary international urban culture.

The magazine is brought to you by a group of international artists, designers, photographers, writers and other contemporary culture connoisseurs. The Editor-in-Chief is renowned Nordic fashion designer and filmmaker Paola Suhonen.

Love Contemporary also produces a series of cultural events and, as a one perspective to modern love, curates a selection of the finest designer pleasure toys in the world.

CarnalNation recently discovered this creative new company when reading about Fashion Week currently underway in New York. Love Contemporary can be seen at this year's Fashion Week passing out copies of their magazine and promoting the sales of high-end sex toys. Apparently, the intersection of innovation and design in adult products transfers over well to those interested in the aesthetic pleasures of clothing design. Is this just the start of an incredible collaboration? Will we soon be seeing Vivienne Westwood trousers with build in toys? One can only hope for such glamour genius. 

As New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow, here's the lowdown on a little, but very edgy, company and magazine, Love Contemporary, showcasing designer sex toys throughout fashion week. Love Contemporary is a progressive, artsy publication that debuted in January, focusing on the theme of love and modernity and with offices in Miami, New York, and Helsinki, the transnational team has not only been busy writing, they've also been busy marketing sex toys. Love Contemporary is thus not a magazine in isolation, but rather an entire brand, encompassing a particular philosophy of modern love and in that vein, they organize parties, in-your-face art installations, and sell pleasure products.

We are currently awaiting a delivery of review copies of their magazine so the verdict is still out on their publication, but I am pleased to announce that CarnalNation testers have thoroughly examined and written about a majority of the high-end toys that this company is promoting. Njoy, LELO, Jimmyjane and Tanga, are all companies that deserve to be on the menu of elite adult enthusiasts. After all, those stainless steel plugs and wands from njoy do display quite nicely next to your latest pair of Christian Louboutin heels.

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