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A Playa Virgin's Guide to Sex at Burning Man

The playa is one of the least pleasurable places imaginable to have sex, in my opinion. It’s hot, or it’s freezing cold- you’re covered in alkaline dust, and no matter how much lube you use, it seems to dry up as soon as you apply it. And never mind that 9 times out of 10 you have to double check that your new lover doesn’t come with strings attached- whether those be another lover, a substance-addled decision, or a touch of emotional baggage.

Still! Some crazy people claim to enjoy this dubious pleasure, and if you are heading to Burning Man for the first time, this guide might help you along your journey to making your own decision.
First off- safer sex is a must. Not just safer sex in terms of condoms, either, though make sure you have a bunch- I recommend at least a couple non-latex, one or two trim, some regular and some large latex condoms. And bring nonlatex gloves (hey, you can use them for handling food too) latex gloves and a dental dam or three. Also consider bringing a nail file and some good lotion for your hands, as a broken nail can break skin and not only be uncomfortable but unsafe. Remember, blood? Probably MOOP (matter out of place). Also, a quick sex worker tip? Bring gum or mints instead of brushing your teeth pre-sexual encounter. Brushing your teeth opens up microscopic cuts in your gums, which can lead to disease transmission. Remember that people in the city rarely let you know if they have herpes or HPV before you start making out or bumping pink bits, even though statistics suggest they very well might. It won’t be any different in the desert! Violet Blue mentions that the stats on positive STI test results jumps during the holidays... like Labor Day.

When you're reluctant to screen a new sex partner (asking about STDs and using a condom), keep in mind that HIV will eventually kill you, herpes and HPV last a lifetime and the latter is linked to cervical cancer. Does that white Rasta hippie in caked clown makeup still look worth it?

So play safe, and if you forget those all important condoms and lube, check out Safer Sex Camp, who can hook you up for your hookup.

Carry baby wipes to keep yourself clean; Look for ones that are alcohol-free, unscented and pH balanced. Don't buy ones with added oils and moisturizers if you plan on using latex condoms -- and please plan on using condoms (not just for keeping your camera dust-free). Use latex or polyurethane (non-latex) condoms, and don't get any oil near your latex. You can use oil with your non-latex condoms but use lots of lube, as they don't stretch like latex and might break if they dry out.
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Kitty Stryker
August 19th, 2010
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