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Menstruation Machine Invites You to Feel the Pain

This creation reminds me of an example from one of Midori's Japanese fetish shopping trip articles, but instead it is a disturbingly brilliant invention created by an artist named Hiromi Ozaki and is part of the Design Interactions exhibit at the Royal College of Art in London. 

Fitted with a blood dispensing mechanism and lower-abdomen-stimulating electrodes, the Menstruation Machine is a device which simulates the pain and bleeding of an average 5 day menstruation process of a human (As a female designer I have done my best to simulate my own, at least).

The machine is not worn only by men, but also by women when menstruation may become obsolete in future and the biological process has become a mere ritual of identity. I'm not suggesting when or by whom this machine would be used - after much discussion with women and scientists in Reproductive Science I have decided that the psychologies which people associate with menstruation (failure to conceive, puberty, sexuality, spirituality) are too complex for the use for Menstruation Machine to be determined. The music video below illustrates just one example of many possibilities.

If the Menstruation Machine (and the accompanying video) aren't quite enough to get your noodle churning over the radical designs that Ozaki has created, then I suggest you check out the Penis Cybernetique

“What does it feel like to have an extra body part (in this case – penis) which reacts to my emotions?”

During the course of 2 weeks, a working motorised penis which moves up and down based on my heartrate was built, worn and tested. Will this new body part make myself act differently? Will I get a phantom penis afterwards? Will other people try my designs? What does it mean for an amateur to ‘open source her body?’

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