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Leather History: Bound to the Past

Monk, CarnalNation’s roving reporter, interviews Jennifer Tyburczy from The Leather Archives and Museum (LA&M) to discuss the launch of the Women’s Leather History Project. LA&M has existed since 1991, but it has primarily focused on men’s leather history, so the launch of a project that specifically collects and preserves women's leather history for public education is a first in America.

In case you are wondering what we mean when we say "leather history," LA&M specifically is a Chicago-based organization that hosts "a library, museum and archives pertaining to leather, fetishism, sadomasochism, and alternative sexual practices. The geographic collection scope is worldwide and includes all sexual orientations and genders."

For a more in-depth look at the LA&M in Chicago:

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July 14th, 2010
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Monk is dubbed “a unicorn” by his friends, because he is so many things that aren’t supposed to exist.  Before launching his bondage rope company, this former Eagle Scout and evangelical missionary...