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Lady Bountiful: Abundant Breasts Through the Ages

In the other case, Lu-shi was a 42-year old woman with breasts that measured 2 feet, 2 1/2 inches in circumference, though they only weighed about six pounds apiece. The larger breast was removed first, and the second one a month later. (Lu-Shi’s portrait was painted by Lam Qua,1801–1860).

Macromastia can affect one breast more than the other, causing huge discrepancies in size and shape. Adult women after a pregnancy, young girls, and even young boys at puberty have experienced it. You can imagine the feelings of confusion and helplessness that would accompany rapid change in the size and shape of any body part, but consider how such dramatic changes in a primary or secondary sex characteristic could make puberty even more terrifying.

Grown men can also experience macromastia. One of the saddest stories I came across concerned an Asian man who was trying to get treatment for his “large man boobs.” Doctors hadn’t done much for him and he felt they were simply treating him as a curiosity. He threatened to cut off his own breasts if he didn’t get immediate help.

The abundance of names for this condition makes it a bit difficult to research, and popular medical information sites don’t have much information. A search of journal articles yields a bit more, though mostly in the context of plastic surgery. In one article, "The Effectiveness of Surgical and Nonsurgical Interventions in Relieving the Symptoms of Macromastia," the authors (Collins, et al.) described a study of 179 “operative subjects” and two control groups, one comprised of 96 “normal controls,” defined as smaller than a D-cup bra size, and a hypertrophy control group with bra cup sizes of D or larger. The authors compared baseline and post-operative data with the control groups and concluded, “in this population, conservative measures such as weight loss, physical therapy, special brassieres, and medications did not provide effective permanent relief of symptoms.”

Macromastia sufferers report pulmonary problems; severe headaches; back, neck and shoulder pain; and even “bra strap groove pain.” Macromastia can even recur after anti-estrogen hormone therapy and mastectomy. It is a condition that can become extraordinarily severe, even life threatening. And yet insurance companies generally consider breast reduction surgery for this condition as cosmetic, not functional.

As they are reluctant to underwrite surgery, perhaps the insurance companies would prefer to promote webcam opportunities for macromastic women, perhaps even underwriting websites (to help these women pay for their surgery). There is a definite sub-niche market for women with naturally enormous breasts.

Mastasia Barbie
An even stranger sub-niche of breast fascination, though a lot less physically challenging, features even bigger fake breasts worn by (usually) thin young models in “Mastasia” fantasy videos. I find it darkly amusing that some viewers don’t understand that these “boobs” are detachable and inflatable. These appendages are far, far larger than beach balls, and are barely draped with skimpy garments which hide the straps or rigging, but never cover the bottom part of the “breast.” The women also wear hot pants or mini-skirts and heels. Sometimes they “work out” to exercise music or simply pour liquid over their improbable cleavage. You can sample a fairly tame Mastasia-style video here.

The Mastasia website features an array of “excessive tit fantasies,” including “Wobbling Whoppers - adventures of ultra-busty lactating women in heat.” These feature women wearing large fake breasts which squirt fake milk, thus thrilling lactaphiliacs as well as those with giant fake breast fetishes.

Other “excessive tit fantasies” conjure women who experience sudden enormous changes in their breasts, such as the special effects experienced by one actress in the movie “Corpses.” But avatars are even better. The Mastasia website features “Titopia: an all girl titopia digital archive,” a gallery of improbably large breasted avatars. You can watch an example of rapid avatar breast expansion here.

Perhaps this fascination with enormously large breasts is not merely a sexual fetish, but is in actuality evidence of a deep calling from Mama Evolution, coaxing humanity into the water (again). After all, our salt water tears, layer of subcutaneous body fat, reduction of body hair but retention of scalp hair, swimming infants, our improbable upright posture, development of sophisticated vocalization (noise travels further underwater), our diving reflex (found in all aquatic mammals but not in other primates), the muscles in the “wings” of our nostrils (unknown in any other primate), our habit of face to face copulation, and yes, even the position of our nipples, all point to a period of watery adaptation which caused us to evolve in a manner entirely unlike any other primate. (Curious readers may seek out The Aquatic Ape by Elaine Morgan and forever after thumb their noses at the “Savannah Theory.”)

As I’ve observed these enormous, bountiful breasts - natural, implanted or inflated - I see the advantage such a form would have in water (except that no infant could get a grip or a mouthful of something that big!). The appearance, at least, of abundant tissue and buoyant comfort clearly calls to something deep in our nature. I am only partly facetious here - I would so much rather believe that than think that women who have thrown themselves into the cycle of breast surgery and breast-based labor are simply economic pawns in an enormous industrial game created by men who want to perform surgery and create websites simply in order to charge other people to masturbate. Call me old-fashioned, but I do like to feel a sense of higher calling in life.

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July 7th, 2010
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