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Tantra for Skeptics

Recently Eve Minax welcomed Barbara Carrellas to her parlor in San Francisco to discuss Barbara’s Urban Tantra training course for professionals seeking to use tantra as part of their their own teaching. In most cases, it's easy to be skeptical about westernized adaptations of Tantra; however, Barbara’s practical and open-minded approach to sexual and spiritual bliss enables each person to find their own path to deeper connections and ecstasy. Sex educator Jamye Waxman, who participated in this training course, fittingly summed up Barbara’s approach by saying: “I love that Barbara defines tantric sex (in her book) as any type of sex you do with awareness, versus a certain type of sex that has to be done one way.” For more information on Barbara's work, travels, and bouts with blissful ecstasy, you can follow her adventures on her blog or Facebook page.

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Eve Minax
July 1st, 2010
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Metaphysically motivated, Mistress Eve Minax is a cultural interloper whose explorations in literature, spirituality, gender theory, theatre, circus, clowning, and sex work have helped make her the...