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Tied Up in the Erotic Heritage Museum

"Why do we tie people up?" asked Twisted Monk while in the process of wrapping an ecstatic young woman named Willow in hemp and dangling her from a portable suspension frame.

Without even a second of hesitation the entire class responded with the kind of enthusiastic unison that would make preachers weep: "Because it's fun!"

Generally I consider rope better suited for binding tomato plants instead of breasts (or arms, legs, thighs, cocks or any of the other body parts that ended up roped during the class), but after An Evening of Sensual Bondage I began to see the remarkable draw this material has on its practitioners.

"Rope is an extension of the body," Monk said, demonstrating on Willow the single simple knot necessary for what he calls "improvisational" bondage. "When you're in bondage, you're literally wrapped up in another person's desire. They've taken the time to encase you."

Audience members nodded, rapt. They clearly understood the pleasure of experiencing that kind of desire. Many of the attendees already possessed mad rope skills when they entered Las Vegas's Erotic Heritage Museum for nearly three hours of hands-on instruction. They came prepared with bags overflowing with neatly stowed equipment; they never stopped tying (and untying) their partners throughout Monk's demonstrations. Others were rank amateurs, including one man who runs an area zip-line tour operation and another who wandered in while exploring the museum. Each student left with new rope, new ideas, new friends and new inspiration.

And, I'd imagine, a great deal of enthusiasm for whatever sexy activities they were planning later that night. No matter how difficult the tie or uncomfortable the position—ankle bound to wrist; full body weight laid across a wiggly, escaping woman; rope-braided hair attached to feet—the bottoms' blissed-out smiles and the tops' satisfied grins showed their extreme pleasure.

If you've never had a chance to tie or be tied, consider giving it a try. Why?

Because it's fun.

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January 12th, 2010
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