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Calling All Exhibitionists For Sex Instruction Movie

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area this evening and feel curious about starring in an explicit sex instruction movie, please join Dr. Carol Queen at the Center for Sex and Culture (CSC) for the Pleasure-Ed Movie Meet and Greet from 7:30-9:30. This event and evening is dedicated to all those people who have responded to Dr. Carol Queen's invitation to perform in explicit sex instruction movies. The reality is that not everyone has a partner who also wants to be on film, but at tonight's event, everyone's invited to attend who might want to show it all off for the learning pleasure of the public! The point is twofold—to let you know what may be coming up in the Pleasure-Ed series and to let you information-oriented exhibitionists meet, mingle, and maybe find the right person to do a scene with.

Good Releasing, Good Vibrations' new video production company, is producing explicit sex education movies. The Pleasure-Ed Series is a continuing collection of sexual education films that include a wide range of informational and instructional content to inspire and enhance sex lives. The videos will be full-length, will appear monthly, and will cover many different topics. This series will cast two or three couples (and sometimes singles and more-than-twosomes) for each one, and in addition to that, each movie includes clothed (or, for that matter, unclothed) people talking about the topic: anecdotes, their favorite techniques, and so forth. There will also be a "community voices" element, which will allow the movies to represent a wider range of people than they otherwise could, both in terms of demographics and diversity of experience. Even if you are not cast as a central performer, Good Releasing still welcome you to particpate in the community voices part of the video if you have something to share, and to drop trou if you're feeling exhibitionistic!

Now for the nuts and bolts information: just to be clear, these brief "community voices" appearances won't be paid in money; you'll at least get a video, and maybe some toys. The central performers will be paid. Each person will need to sign a release and provide two forms of ID that includes your legal name (at least one with a photo). By law, you have to prove you're over 18, even if you have sexy white hair and charming wrinkles.

This event is free of charge, but since the CSC is a not-for-profit organization they will have the donation jar out in case you can support the amazing work it does for sexuality awareness and education. Please feel free to bring anyone who's intrigued about the project and possibly baring all—your attendance at this event does not require you to participate in a future movie, so the curious but not-sure are very welcome! If you're interested but can't attend the meet-and-greet, email with VIDEO in the subject line.

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If your ever in need of female anatomy in Seattle or Portland...

...please do let me know.

Silvia-McKenzie Navah

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