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Adult Version of iPhone App Store Opens

Despite Apple's prudish reluctance, you can now access porn on your iPhones.

This is wonderful news for those of us who don't get enough porn on our TVs and the internet, but bad news for Apple, who won't be seeing any profits from the just-opened Sex App Shop.  Apple doesn't allow adult-oriented apps in their App Store, but one fire-eating snake-handler has decided to take matters into her own hands, reports Cult of Mac.  Maria Gara, also known as the SnakeBabe, owns the Sex App Shop, "the world's first legal alternative" to the App Store.

Visit the site ( (NSFW) on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and from there you can download additional web apps legally and securely.  Content includes videos and still photos as well as games and other apps.  If you're worried about people seeing you looking at porn while you're in a meeting or waiting for the bus, the Sex App Shop has you covered:  tilt your phone a little and a fake newspaper shows up on your screen.  Best of all, the content won't show up in your browser, video player or photo viewer.

The Sex App Shop claims to feature "content for virtually every taste," and big studios like Playboy, Vivid and Wicked have all signed on board.  A year membership (with unlimited downloads) costs $99, and individual apps can be purchased for 99 cents.


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