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Homophobic Soccer Star Fired For Anti-Gay Book

A convicted wife-beater has been kicked off a Danish soccer team for publishing his autobiography, which contains a rant about how he hates gay people.  Pinknews reports that Polish goalkeeper Arek Onyszko's new book, Fucking Polack, includes the following passage:

"I hate gays, I really do. I think it’s fucking disgusting to hear them talk to each other as if they are girls. I can’t be in the same room as someone who’s gay. Look at them kissing each other – it’s sickening."

No word on whether the whole book is written in this style, although something tells me the player's not much of a wordsmith.

Back in June, Onyszko was fired from Odense OB after being convicted of abusing his ex-wife.  He spent three months in jail, and on his release was offered a job playing for FC Midtjylland.  The team advised him not to finish work on the book, but the angry Pole continued, anyway.  (It's unclear, I think, whether he was fired for the gay remarks or for publishing the book without the team's consent.  It seems sort of odd for a team to take offense to anti-gay remarks from a man convicted of spousal abuse.)

Jens Ørgaard, head of sport at FC Midtjylland, defended his team's decision to sign the thug in the first place: "We felt we did the right thing in the summer when we offered Arek Onyszko a new chance after his conviction," he told the Copenhagen Post.  "He was punished and like everyone else needed help to get back on his feet again.  But lately he has abused our trust… despite warnings, he continued to work on the book project and [the team] had no knowledge of its existence until now."

Onyszko got an offer to play for Copenhagen's FC Frem, though it was withdrawn yesterday after Chairman Peter Hornbaek learned about the book.

(via Joe.My.God)

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