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Fundraising Effort for Alleged Killer Includes Guide to Bombing Abortion Clinics

There are a number of different strategies that community organizations use to raise money for important causes: selling raffle tickets, for example. Cookies or candies. If you have the resources, a large dinner and gala where donors can meet important people. The supporters of Scott Roeder, the anti-abortion activist who is accused of murdering abortion provider Dr. George Tiller have taken a little bit of a unique approach to fundraising. To pay for Roeder's defense, Iowa activist Dave Leach, who publishes the Prayer and Action News (warning: combination of loopy politics and bad web design) and openly advocates the murder of doctors who provide abortions, is organizing online auctions on eBay and other websites. The goods being auctioned off aren't just the usual trinkets and hand-me-downs that one might find in a charity auction, though; Leach and Roeder's other supporters are auctioning off artifacts of the extreme anti-abortion movement. The goods include a manual by the radical anti-abortion group The Army of God which includes instructions on shutting down clinics through arson, bombs, acid attacks, and other methods. The infamous bomb-making sections will be excised, according to Leach: "I plan to cover up the offending eight pages of bomb recipes and instead insert a note saying that in order to avoid legal problems, we advise our bomb-loving friends to seek their bomb recipes in a U.S. Army Manual, which is approved by the Justice Department," he said. "I will also enclose my April 1996 issue, which contains bomb-making excerpts from a declassified U.S. Army Manual widely available in Army surplus stores."

Also up for grabs will be a jailhouse cookbook by Shelley Shannon, who attempted to kill Tiller in 1993. The recipes are based on ingredients that would be accessible to inmates, such as the one for prison cheesecake: "It starts of with four little plastic tubs of pudding, a container of powdered creamer, a packet of powdered lemonade, and a little tub of cream cheese, like what you put on bagels, and stir it all together," Leach said. Shannon will also donate a book of political commentary illustrated with her own cartoons. Michael Bray, one of the leaders of Army of God who was imprisoned for four years for a series of bombings and arson against women's clinics on the east coast, is contributing a signed copy of his book, A Time to Kill. Bray's biographical information describes the book as "an ethical treatise on the use of force in defense of the child in the womb."

Whether or not eBay will allow the auction to happen is still uncertain. The company's policies explicitly state that they will not "allow items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views," and that they will "remove listings that graphically portray graphic violence or victims of violence, unless they have substantial social, artistic, or political value." Whether the pro-Roeder auction will be covered by that remains to be seen.

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