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Prince Albert's Lurid Sex Life Pierced By Angry Spy Novelist

David Letterman wasn't the only celebrity to worry about possible sex tape rumors this week.  The talk show host shares that non-honor with His Serene Highness Albert Grimaldi, ruler of the tiny nation of Monaco.  Robert Eringer, a journalist/spy who spent six years working for the prince, alleges that he wasn't paid for three months of spy work.  But in his thirty-one page complaint, filed in Calfornia, Eringer makes all kinds of other allegations, enough to fill several novels: there are references to rape, kidnapping, freemasons, oil scandals, the Russian mafia, money left by Jews sent to Nazi concentration camps, and plans for illegitimate children to "have accidents."

The Times of London reports that Eringer orchestrated Operation Hound Dog, where he found an American businessman living in Paris who showed friends footage of a woman performing "a sex act" on the prince.  There's no word on where the footage is now, though presumably it's inriguing enough to actually warrant a mention.  (Surely an unmarried prince having sex on his birthday isn't that big of a deal, right?)  Eringer also says the prince kidnapped and raped a children's book author, and that he arranged for the prince to meet his illegitimate daughter after the thirteen-year old hired an agent and threatened to go on Oprah.

Monaco's unique constitution required that the tiny nation could only be ruled by the male heir of the last reigning Prince, but that law changed in 2002 when it became apparent that Albert was not anxious to produce legitimate children.  Albert, the son of the late Prince Rainier and the American actress Grace Kelly, was long rumored to be gay despite romantic links to a string of famous women including Angie Everhart, Brooke Shields and Claudia Schiffer.  Most recently, His Serene Highness has been seen in public with Charlene Wittstock, a South African Olympic swimmer.  (Albert is an Olympian himself, having competed on Monaco's Olympic bobsled team for twenty years.)  Albert has two illegitimate children, one in California and one in Togo. 

Monaco has long been a tax haven for the super-rich; it was once described by Somerset Maugham as "a sunny place for shady people."  Though Eringer is an American, he has long had ties to the country.  As early as 1995, Eringer was writing spy novels about the tiny country, and his father, a Disney animator, retired there.  Back in 2001, Salon wrote a really crazy story about Eringer's corporate espionage, tormenting a writer for eight years on behalf of Ringling Bros.

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