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People Who Love Objects, Part II

"I don't know who's worse, the Whack Job in love with buildings, the Whack Job "sexologist" who thinks this is some new form of sexual orientation or GMA for airing this crap!”  Comment on the Good Morning America website.

“My wife is an inanimate object during sex.” Comment on DVD Talk Forum.

“Perhaps one way to look at the Object-sexuals is that they're not so much reacting to the love from the objects but the love of God that supports those objects. That object-sexuals are sensing the love of God on the quantum level of reality and then returning that love on the physical plane.” Whitechapel blog.

“Never trust a ʻsexologistʻ.” Catholic blog.

“[W]hat next you gone (sic) talk about people havin (sic) sex with animals it is just gros [sic].” Comment on The Tyra Banks Show website.

And my personal favorite:
“Osama bin Laden must be laughing his ass off, thinking how easy it's going to be to finish us off...” Comment on Babalu blog.

The above comments have been gathered from various blogs or websites in reaction to videos and articles about Objectum Sexuality. I have the honor of being the “sexologist” (a word which always seems to show up in quotes) in question, and when the Good Morning America piece aired on April 8, 2009, I was not prepared for the venom that awaited me or that wrapped itself in googles around my name. Erika Eiffel, of course, was already used to public reaction in the form of sneering insults and cheap phallocentric jokes (mainly about the shape of the Eiffel Tower).

Hostility to objectum sexuality took me by surprise. I had force myself to step back and view it as a sexological and sociological phenomenon, one I could study as a “window” into the public soul.

After Good Morning America aired its piece, I knew enough to turn down an offer to appear on the Laura Ingraham Show. (Whew!) But I then made the mistake of appearing on live radio, the Dom Giordano Show, in Pittsburgh, on April 9th. I hadnʻt checked out the station schedule, only Giordanoʻs bio, and so was not aware that Dom was rubbing airwaves with Hannity, Limbaugh and their ilk. Boy, did I learn in a hurry. Once on air, he didnʻt want the facts of my research - he just wanted to push me up against a wall, as he was so very incensed about reporter Kate Snow and ABC bringing the topic of Objectum Sexuality into American homes over breakfast. (That he was bringing the same topic into American homes was somehow supposed to be okay.) I had to assure him that Objectum Sexuals (those happy few) were not going to be running rampant in the streets, contributing to our collective moral decay. “This sounds like it worries you, Dom. Would you like to talk about it?” Iʻm not really trained as that type of therapist, but I feel this was my best line of the all too brief interview. He cut me off when I brought up the connection with Autism.

Hostility to objectum sexuality took me by surprise.  I had force myself to step back and view it as a sexological and sociological phenomenon, one I could study as a “window” into the public soul.

One man included OS in his homophobic tirade posted in the comments section of the Spectator (UK) website: “Homosexuality will lead into a complete free for all - incest, zoophilia, sado-masochism (sic), polygamy, pan sexuality, objectum sexuality, necrophilia and much more.” I hate to tell this guy, but, sexologically speaking, human history has been a kind of “free for all” all along... we just havenʻt wanted to admit it.

Sometimes though, you gotta slog through the blogs to hit pay dirt or at least a tantalizing hint on the treasure map. And I did hit it, yes indeed.

“The Eiffel Tower is married, but the Berlin Wall is a total slut.  But, who am I to judge?” Comment on The Tyra Show website

Who indeed?

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October 21st, 2009
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