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Maine Diocese Launches Fast Against Gay Marriage

Catholics across Maine are being advised to stop eating in a Holy attempt to prevent the gays from getting married.

The Diocese of Portland is asking parishioners in the easternmost state to take part in a "40 Day Prayer & Fasting Campaign For Marriage," which kicked off yesterday.  Of course, the so-called "campaign for marriage" is actually a campaign against marriage, at least as far as non-straight people go.  But hey, semantics, right? 

Maine legislators legalized same-sex marriage back in May, but a petition signed by over sixty-thousand voters led the issue to be put to a ballot measure this November.  The Catholic Church and National Organization for Marriage are together spearheading the campaign to prevent gay marriage down east.  (Maine's Catholic population is actually quite small, making up about 14% of the population.  That's about half of the Catholic population of California and about a quarter of the Catholic population of Rhode Island, percentage-wise.) 


The official Diocesan word on gay marriage is posted on their website, though there's no linkable information on the fast itself.  I'm assuming this is something that might have come up at Mass last Sunday, though, perhaps after the special second collection that raised money for the anti-equality movement.

(By the way, those of you who weren't raised Catholic might not be aware that Catholic fasting is actually a lot easier than fasting if you're Jewish or Muslim; you can still have one full meal a day, you're allowed up to two snacks, and you can drink all you want.  Which means the devout Catholics of Maine can still fulfill their daily lobster roll quota while taking a stand against equal rights.)

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What do they expect that to

What do they expect that to do? If they eat less for forty days, a cosmic wizard will tamper will election results? This has interesting implications. The fact that they are doing this means that they think intervention will not happen unless they starve themselves. So their wizard will not help their cause unless they hurt themselves? But they claim their causes are the wizard's causes. Does that mean the wizard will do his own will unless his followers fast?

what sort of equality?

I'm going to try to resist taking a very easy shot at the fact that the same people who accuse conservatives of being "anti-equality" think that the state only has a compelling state interest in protecting viable fetuses that are not disabled... damn it!

Remember: gay marriage is about the equality of human desires - not human beings. Big difference.


So what is heterosexual Marriage then..? Gay people ARE MORE then their sex lives......just as heteros are more thwen thier sex lives....I think you should read up on the writings of Corretta Scott King, and Julian Bond.......they Trump whatever nonsense Bile you are trying to project.......Equality should NEVER be put up to a Vote by the Majority..its wrong! do you people even know any LGBT Americans personally?? Becuase by your comments - you either are plain ignorant - or you do not know any personally........chk out a Gay Family from YouTube.....Depfox 2 Married Men Raising 2 children, a brother and sister..who were born to drug addicted parents...and one of the children WAS born with MedicaL PROBLEMS due to his mothers using drugs while she carried him........these men, took in these children,and ARE raising them with ALL the Love and Support any child would ever need nor want! Here's a link to thier page..... watch thier vids and educate yourselves you judgemental SOB's!

Fast or slow,"Equality" nonsense must GO!

I'm not Catholic,or religious at all,but I agree with them wholeheartedly when it comes to same-sex relationships being irrational.It shouldn't be treated as "equal" to an opposite-sex relationship because it's an automatically bad idea,as opposed to an occasionally bad idea.

Equality for ALL Americans - No Ifs,Ands or Buts.....

Equality nonsense...REALLY? Since when is the subject of Equality/treating people equally nonsense....OH I see,because it refers to LGBT people - RIGHT? You can Take your Lying comment...because we all know where it stems from...and shove it where the sun don't are a LIAR! You obviously do NOT know any LGBT people..tho they ARE everywhere,in EVERY kind of Profession....many Protecting YOU as a citizen.......You make me sick, with your Hollier then thou Sanctimonious BS.....and OF course- you WON'T/CAN"T explain HOW Marriage Equality affects you personally - --- because IT DOESN'T! GTFU! There are NO Pre-requisites to Marriage, and it has NOTHING to do with Religion,or RAISING children. Its a Secular CIVIL Matter!

Good For Them

I whole-heartedly support this action.

Fasting may help them purge the hate in their hearts and remember the mandate from their god to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and heal the sick. This clarity may give them impetus to see the error of their ways and atone for their inhumanity towards theirs sons and daughters and the hubris of playing god with the lives of the innocent.

There is hope for you yet my Catholic brothers and sisters - you don't have to go to hell just because some warped, twisted old man wants to lead you there.

Fast - repent and be saved.

Catholics and gay marriage

More and more the word Christianity and Catholic, particularly, sounds synonymous with being a bigot. Don't they know that "fasting for heterosexual marriage" and other absurdity is making them look like fools in the public eye?

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