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Oddball Films: Erotic, Eclectic, and Unusual

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On Sunday, September 13th, in honor of Good Vibrations Erotic Film Festival, Carol Queen and Oddball Films are collaborating to provide a night of weird and wonderful vintage erotic clips from the 1920s through the 1960s at the San Francisco club Amnesia. I recently had the opportunity to meet the owner of Oddball Films, Stephen Parr, at a Nude Aid fundraising event hosted by Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence of the Center for Sex and Culture. Robert introduced me to Stephen as the only person who had more strange and bizarre smut than him and Carol! (Now that is a perfect way to get my attention.)

It turns out Parr is one of America’s foremost film collectors of rare and unique stock footage and he has made it his mission to collect films that could easily be lost or forgotten over time. Parr believes that home movies, commercials, and educational films are highly valuable resources for cultural and historical references both for what is represented in them, as well as what isn’t. Parr states that, “A lot of times the things that are most interesting are the things that don’t get recorded."

Parr has been thoroughly infused into numerous subcultures throughout his life, and his films reflect the diversity of his interests. The recent interview with Parr in the SF Examiner highlights that in addition to Oddball’s own productions they’ve “provided footage for a number of feature films, documentaries, television programs and music videos. Our clients run the gamut from docs like Sam Green’s Weather Underground to the television program MythBusters. We’ve worked with Spike Lee on three or four projects. We’ve worked on commercials, A&E projects, HBO shows on erotica—the whole thing. We just finished providing some critical news and lifestyle footage for Gus Van Sant’s Milk feature.” 

In addition to collaborations with mainstream organizations, as well as ethical businesses like Good Vibrations, Parr also has been hosting screenings at Oddball’s headquarters about twice a week for the past five years. After talking with Parr it is clear to see that he is absolutely fascinated with his work, and he admits that he is much more interested in making new films than promoting them. “Some people have turned self-promoting into their aesthetic. To me it becomes very tiresome."  What doesn't become tiresome to us at CarnalNation are the never-ending creative ways that Carol Queen finds to spice up life in SF, and we are looking forward to viewing the following clips on Sunday the 13th at Amnesia

Uncle Si and the Sirens (1938, B&W, 7:30 mn) A vintage silent porno. A man inspired by reading a pamphlet about the American Television Receiver decides to build his very own with surprising and tantalizing results as it broadcasts an array of performing nude women.

On the Beach, Goatfucker (1920s, B&W, 7.00 mn) Three naked women seduce a man on the beach and trick him into having sex with a goat.

Harlequin (1899, B&W, 5.00 mn) Harlequins seducing one another culminating into a raunchy threesome.

Buried Treasure Starring Eveready Hardon (1930s, B&W, 6.00mn) Animated vintage porn cartoon about a man with a penis that has a mind of its own.

Ratman-Men are Rats! (1920s, B&W, 3.25 mn) Nude woman bathing discovers to her horror a rat in her bathroom. A man hearing her cries from the street comes to her rescue and disposes of the rat. However he wants to be further acquainted with the naked young woman. As disgusted with him as she is with the rat, she scares him away with her fierce-looking dog.

Bad Habits-Dirty Church (1920s, B&W, 4.00 mn) Unholy behavior takes place as nuns and priests succumb to the joys of the flesh.

Courtney Trouble Reignites Porn

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September 4th, 2009
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