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Efest West - Medical Fetish Weekend


EDGESSanta Clara, CA
United States
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Cost: Varies.


23 August 2009 - 11:00am - 7:30pm

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Efest West - A Medical Fetish Extravaganza!

Aroused by a cold stethoscope and probing finger? Perhaps a bulging enema bag or metal speculum interests you? With the continued popularity of medical sitcoms like ER, House, Nip/Tuck, Grey's Anatomy, and many more mainstream shows, one thing is clear: America has a medical fetish! For all of you kinksters that want to learn more about medical play tools and techniques, this event is for you.

Packed full of informative classes, discussions, contests, play parties, BDSM samplers, and much more, Efest West has something for everyone. To view a complete list of classes, instructor bios, naughty pics, and other event details, visit our site at Those that wish to chat about the event, and connect with other attendees can join the free efest west ning site @ Bottom's Up!


11:00am - 1:00pm: Classes
1.) 11am-1pm: Medical Bondage w/Laural & Sebastian of
* Dive into the extremely stimulating world of Medical Bondage with an enlightening and interactive discussion by Sebastian & Laural Wood and their staff from In this class, they will offer students an interesting and informative presentation on various aspects of Medical Bondage. In addition to discussing all the cool medical bondage toys that are out there, this forum will cover the history of where Medical Fetish got its roots, and how the human spirit at its best looked to make good from bad.We all are familiar with the standard toys and procedures for "playing doctor," and this class will delve deeper into the medical fetish world with its information on medical bondage, which will open up a world of kinky possibilities for students. This class will cover exciting medical restraint topics such as institutional restraints & strait jackets, brace & cast play, mummification and sensory deprivation, all presented in a unique and entertaining format that is sure to leave one feeling the need for a trip to the infirmary.

2.) 11am-12pm: Exit Only? I think Not! w/Miss Catherine
* Sounds and catheter play often times seems daunting to the novice player because you know that area serves one purpose - the outflow of fluid. The beauty playing with sounds and catheters is introducing things into an overlooked area of the body that is sure to stimulate nerves and offer alternative methods of experiencing pleasure. Of course there will be basic anatomy and physiology so that you can play with confidence.

3.) 12pm-1pm: Intro. to Plaster Splints & Butterfly Boards w/Chrysty
* This patient didn't want to hold still while Nurse Chrysty examined him! A little bit of plaster took care of his squirming around, and of course he just couldn't keep quiet as the needles pierced his skin. That’s ok though, Nurse Chrysty was prepared with a pretty gag for him. In her class, “Introduction to Plaster Splints,” witness the medical misfortunes of a boy who dared to move while on the table with Nurse Chrysty. She will go over the placement of plaster splints within a scene, and also provide a “how to” on using the butterfly board.

1:00pm-2:00pm ~ Catered Lunch

2:00pm-4:00pm: Classes
1.) 2pm-4pm: You're Going to need an Enema for That! - Many Ways of Enema Play w/Eve Minax
For some of us, enemas are a major component of our play and even our lives, but many of us struggle to creatively incorporate enemas into a greater variety of scenes. The Medical Enema is an obvious favorite, and "Dr" Eve loves administering them, but how does one cohesively integrate an enema with other types of scenes? Age play, domestic discipline, classic slave training, animal play, tantric massage, mummification and meditative journeys... these scenes deserve enemas too! This class will develop your understanding of four modus operandi — punishment, facilitation, fetish, and health — which will allow you confidently deploy enemas in almost any scenario. Learn how to utilize feelings of embarrassment and humiliation, as well as a broader range of emotional reactions and associations. Make your enemas work for you and the scene you are creating. Bring any ideas, questions or concerns, and we will discuss (and probably demonstrate) the many varieties of enema play!

2.) 2pm-3pm: Child's Play w/Bethie Bee
* From sexy schoolgirls to adult babies, to Daddies and little girls, the realm of age play is territory that more and more kinksters are delving into. As with anything in BDSM, there is no right way and no wrong way, and there are as many different styles of age play as there are people doing it! Age play can be an exciting addition to your power dynamic, a fun role play activity for an evening or play party, or an exploration of your innocence. For many, age play is the ultimate expression of trust, nurturing and vulnerability. In this class we will cover the basics for people looking to explore age play for the first time, as well as topics of interest to people who have been living or are looking to live an age play lifestyle. We will also discuss how the use of enemas and medical play can be used to enhance your age play scenes and dynamics. For this class, please FEEL FREE to dress up and bring what ever you enjoy to help you be in that little space! Light snacks and refreshments will be provided and you might even win a prize! Because after all, above all else, age play is about FUN!

3.) 3pm-4pm: The Alchemy of Fire Play w/Daddy Don
* When fire meets skin, a destructive force is artfully harnessed as fire dances sensually upon a tender living canvas. Fire forges bonds. This workshop will cover how to safely and effectively paint your "living canvas" with fire. Daddy Don will cover basic safety, tools and materials, and will also introduce techniques like fire cupping and the use of the violet wand in fire play scenes.

4:00pm-4:30pm: Break / Open Vending Time

4:30pm-6:30pm: Final Class
Medical Play through History w/NaughtyDoc & NaughtyNurse, and Demos by Eve Minax
* Leeches, blood-letting, and beating the devil out of you… An in-depth look at four medically-charged time periods, when the line between BDSM and legitimate medical procedures was blurred. NaughtyDoc & his Nurse will present and discuss Ancient Greece & Rome, The Middle Ages, The Victorian Era, and the 1940’s through 1950’s, each followed by a live demonstration scene by Mistress Minax & the Efest West crew.

6:30pm-7:30pm - Contest
"You Take It, You Get It"
* Brand-new exotic and esoteric enema gear will be available for those who are up to the challenge! Finish the bag or take the full inflatable volume, and the gear is yours to keep! Are you ready?

7:30pm - The Public Sacrifice
*An Enema Virgin

8:00pm - Closing