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Saudi Man Adds to the Family Jewels, Literally

What do you get for the man who has everything—or almost everything? If you're coming up short on ideas for a man who comes up short in other areas, you could take a cue from a Saudi man from Jeddah. The gentleman from Jeddah has placed an order with the Canadian medical device manufacturer X4 Labs for an 18-carat-gold penis enlarger encrusted with 40 diamonds and several rubies. "This male health accessory is the most expensive traction device ever produced and will likely become a historical benchmark for the adult novelty industry," X4 Labs said in a statement. While most penis enlargers are made of stainless steel and retail for approximately $400 (pictured right), this bejewelled medical device will run the buyer $50,000. It will be delivered via armored car in October.

And yes, it is a medical device. It has to be because Saudi law prohibits the purchase and use of sex toys. Of course, due to the gentleman's severe stainless steel allergy, he had to upgrade to the 18-carat-gold version. X4 Labs hopes that this may be the beginning of a trend. They now offer custom design services to all of their clients. Matt West, a product coordinator with the company, said that he's "convinced that there is a demographic that is willing to pay for lavish medical devices for their private areas... to pay good money to spoil themselves." So after you get that special man in your life a solid gold, jewel-encrusted penis enlarger, what's next? How about some confidence? In any case, given the cruelty of genetics and heredity, this latest addition to the family jewels will undoubtedly become an heirloom.

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Do these penis enlargers

Do these penis enlargers really work?

I heard that with a stretcher, what is gained in length is taken away from the girth of the penis. So, if I understand this correctly,stuff is only being moved around inside the penis. The "stretched" penis doesn't actually gain anything.

It's been my understanding that woman actually prefer girth over length anyway.

As someone who is sensitive about his penis size I pay close attention to these kinds of stories. I wish there really was a way to increase penis size the way that woman are able to augment their breasts. Whoever invents a real penis enlarger will be a billionaire for sure. I know that Enzyte and similar "supplements" are a waste of money. I can't believe people still waste their money on those phony pills. Surgery is not only risky, but it can deform the penis. It doesn't actually add to length either. It just adds some temporary fat to the girth. I can't imagine being operated on just to add some blobby fat to the width of my penis.

Is there anything that really works?

I don't know anything about

I don't know anything about ways to actually increase....But don't be sensitive! Not every woman's a size queen! (I actually hate big penises--I think they hurt in the not-fun way.)

Thanks for the kind words...

Thanks for the kind words and reassurance. To be honest I'm about average when erect (6"), but I'm a "grower", which means that my penis is smaller when flaccid and grows a couple inches when erect (on the contrary, a 'shower' is someone who's penis stays about the same length when flaccid or erect).

It's embarrassing when in a locker room or coming out of a pool or shower. It's just natural for guys to 'measure' your manhood by when you have between your legs. Woman, even when they say they don't care about penis length, still check out a man's package. Although I am pretty cool, handsome, and sociable, I get 'stage fright' when I'm in a position to possibly have sex. As an adult I should be over it by now, but I am so fearful that someone will make that pinky sign when they talk about me to their friends. I shouldn't care, but I do. It's a shame that I am not comfortable with what I have when it works fine otherwise. It is amazing how the media and peer pressure screw with our self image. I can't imagine what girls go through about breast size because they are out there for the world to see.

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