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Luna Beads Kegel Exerciser


Looking to give your Kegels an extra workout? This fantastic bead system combines pleasure and fitness while offering the benefit of increasing resistance over time as you exercise your kegel and pelvic floor muscles. The beads include four balls that can be individually inserted into the silicone girdle, which allows you to customize your experience as your muscles continue to tighten (starting with one or two pink and moving up to the blues). Exercising your kegel muscles can lead to enhanced sensation and more intense orgasms, but they also increase neuromuscular control and helps restrain and prevent stress incontinence. As with all the items in the LELO line, the Luna Beads are crafted to not only be effective but look great.

Included with the beads are a manual, gift box, satin pouch, and a 1-year LELO warranty.
Girdle is 89 x 35 x 16 mm, petal pink balls are 28 grams, powder blue balls are 37 grams.
The girdle is white medical-grade silicone, and the balls are petal pink and powder blue PC-ABS.

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On the Ball
Balls Out
Let's Get This Ball Rolling

Ok, ok... I've had three children. My pelvic floor may be a little less in "in shape" than I would like it to be. I know I've slacked off a bit on consciously doing kegel exercises, but honestly, I just dont have the time or the patience—or even the sense of self—to take a half hour and concentrate on squeezing my vaginal muscles. When I received my LELO Luna Pleasure Bead System, I re-thought the issue. With regular exercise in the nether regions, you can actually improve your chances of having mind-blowing orgasms, increase control during sex, and also increase the pleasure of your partner during sex. Really, there is nothing better than a nice hug with your PC muscles!

The LELO Luna Pleasure Bead System comes in a discreet black box, complete with instructions and warranty. The box contains a set of four weighted beads complete with a girdle for doubling up on the weights. Two of the plastic beads are a pretty light pink color and two are powder blue (these are heavier). Within the plastic beads are marble-sized weights that roll around when the bead moves. In each set there is a foundation bead with a retraction leash and a crown bead. When starting off with your beads, LELO recommends that you use just one of the lighter pink beads and eventually work your way up to two. As you gain control of your muscles you can graduate to the heavier blue beads.

I started off with one pink bead. It was quite simple—just a dab of lube and pop it in as you would a tampon. The instructions state that your body will be very aware of the bead and it may slip out so I chose to run around in my bedroom for the first few tries. I moved onto two beads pretty quickly, which meant using the girdle. I popped the beads into the plastic girdle and applied lube both to the top crown bead and the lower foundation bead. It was a bit tricky to get them in my vagina as there is a narrow plastic piece between the two beads, but with a little work I got them in. Again, I stayed close to my bathroom in case the beads decided to come shooting out, but with a little effort, I kept control. With each movement the sensation is lovely. As that tiny weighted marble slides around inside the bead, it causes what LELO describes as a "kinetic vibe." I could feel this subtle vibe all along my pelvic floor. It was pleasant, not orgasmic, but it did make me want to move around more. It actually encourages exercise! Finally! Motivation!

I definitely recommend the Luna Bead Pleasure System. Not only does it help firm up your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, it also feels good and encourages physical activity. Ive cleaned the house using them, walked the dogs using them, and have even used my neglected eliptical machine on a regular basis with them. And my husband is certainly not complaining. He finds it amusing to watch me exaggerate every movement, so I can intensify the sensation of the vibration. And he enjoys my stronger PC muscles.

June Valentine

June Valentine

June Valentine is your typical housewife. Married for 13 years, she has three children and lives in a quiet suburban community. She started her sexual life quite prudishly: missionary style in a hushed manner only to be done in the middle of the night so as not to disturb the children or—God forbid—the neighbors! As she has gotten older, wiser, and more confident, she's come to realize that sex is—dare she say it—phenomenal when had adventurously, wildly, and with the added benefit of toys. June no longer confines herself to the bedroom, and she can't stand missionary style... She craves the outdoors and loves all things vibrating. She started out with one fluorescent orange vibrator and has since moved on to an entire box of toys of various shapes and sizes. Bullets, rabbits, cock rings, handcuffs, dildos, to name only a very few, are all tucked away in her little box of goodies—to be used when the moment strikes. Adding new things to her box will be a pleasure. June eagerly looks forward to experimenting with whatever devices are sent to her.
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June 25th, 2009
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