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Testing the new tabs feature

The new tabbed content module just went live. It's really easy to use

Tab one has some text

Tab two also has some text

This text is after the tabs.

The code that generated those tabs looks like this:

[ tab this is tab one]
Tab one has some text
[ tab this is tab two]
Tab two also has some text
[ endtab]

(note take the space out between the [ and 'tab' to make it work.

Pullquotes 'R' Us

"Just insert the magic tag and presto a nicely formatted pullquote."

New Pullquote module is done . Just insert the magic tag and presto a nicely formatted pullquote.

Insert [pullquote position width% text] to get a nice pullquote. Eg [pullquote right 20%Just insert the magic tag and presto a nicely formatted pullquote.]

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Clip it, Clip it Real Good

CarnalNation 2.0 supports easy web clippings.  The new thumb token generates a clipping with a torn off bottom and a paperclip from any web url. For example:

[thumb Here is a clipping of the New York Times]

Will generate the captioned NY Times image shown below.

Advanced Options

You can specify a size and float the clipping left or right ...

[thumb right 300x450 This one is the SF chronicle, it's floated right and a custom size]

To float you just add 'left' or 'right' before the url and to set a size you specify widthxheight after the url and before the caption.  [Read more]

CarnalNation 2.0 taking shape

Made some major progress on the 2.0 site in the last few days. Code for four of the five major features is done. Now do the UI work.

CEO Blog

As CarnalNation evolves I'll be posting comments on the technology behind the site, and the processes of creating a niche for a new web publication amoung the millions of web sites and blogs crying for readers.  [Read more]